Where's your head at?

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  1. Can I have an email of your learning levels and ‘tube’ map please?

  2. Hi,
    I was given your details by Jamie portman. I have been reading about Ron Bergers work recently and am really interested in developing critique and a culture of excellence in our school. If you don’t mind, I would like to ‘borrow’ your corridor of excellence idea and the where’s your head at scale (might change the images to the evolution of man though). I was wondering if you had any advice/resources that I could use to give me a head start with critique? Also, can you tell me what ‘pebble’ is?

    • Hi Matthew, Pebble is short for Project Based Learning at my school. Idea being, throw a pebble into water, watch the ripples spread out. It made sense at the time! As for critique, there is a huge range of great stuff on the High Tech High website. Best place to start. And feel free to borrow whatever you feel like!

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