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May 29, 2012
by Pete Jones

18 Challenging Future Thinking Questions

At the end of each project (or learning experience as I prefer), students have one major piece of work which they will be judged on alongside their learning journeys. This time it’s an interview with senior staff, where each student will be asked 3 questions from a pot of 18 very challenging questions which they must answer using their deep understanding of the PLTS and relate it to their journey in Pebble.

The key focus of this project is ‘Reflective Learner’. Students have to find evidence in their learning journals to provide quality answers full of evidence to such questions as “You are stuck in a lift with your future boss, how would you sell yourself in 15 seconds?” -pure salesmanship, or more subtle questions like “How was your transition between primary and secondary schools?” -all about adaptability- coping with different learning environments, making new acquaintances, networking etc.

The questions have been analysed and the students have tested each other at being the boss and the interviewee, looking at the depth and quality of answers as well as their body language and demeanour. They are really up for the challenge. Some of the answers (from year eight) have been really outstanding and demonstrate their understanding of the Pebble course and the skills we have been perfecting admirably.

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