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All Mapped Out… The Project Proposal!


Right. Keep this under your hats but this is my initial ideas. Would love to get a group of teachers together to work on this… Let me know if you want to be involved.





Author: Pete Jones

I am primarily an Art teacher, but over the past 5 years have been co-developing an experienced-based learning programme in the school I work in called Pebble, (short for Project Based Learning). I read extensively on learning and education, and I intend to use this blog to record what is going on in my head as well as in the classroom. Hopefully I will be able to share resources and ideas with like-minded thinkers in the future. The Pebble course runs through the whole of Year 8 for 5 periods a week. I am desperate for our world wide education system to catch up with the way we live our lives. Transformation of what we learn in schools and how we learn in schools is desperately overdue. Pebble is a skills centered curriculum with the focus very much on what students need to be successful learners, giving them valuable, deep learning experiences to boot.


  1. This is a great idea!
    Did you have a timescale? I can offer a load of eager Year 6 children for Baron’s Court in the summer term but is that too late?

    • No! That’s far too early! For this to be a real success, the planning, funding and consulation process will take a bit longer than the rest of this academic year. Would love your involvement though! Keep in touch, will be organising a wiki for people to add their ideas to the starting point of ‘All Mapped Out’. Thanks for your interest.

      • I love this idea. I have thought before about doing a hist/geog project on the local area. I’m a Geog teacher based just down the road from Croxley station on the Met. I reckon we’d be up for a cross-curricular project on this. Keep me posted! @GeogJo

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